NDVH (Non Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy)

At present state of knowledge and technology plus vast studies of postoperative complications, it has been proved that this is the –preferred method of hysterectomy.
By hydro dissection, the operative field is usually bloodless and tissue dissection easy.
Fibroids, large uterus with multiple fibroids, ovarian cysts etc. are not a contra- indication to this.
Uterus size up to 16 weeks and sometimes up to 20 weeks gestational age can be removed through this operation.
Patient is usually kept in hospital for 36-48 hours. Liquids can be started after 12 hours. Patient can be ambulatory as early as 12 hours
Postoperative complications, pain infection etc. are negligible and patients satisfaction quite high.
Because of no scar on abdomen women prefer this and surgeon can also easily repair cysto-urethrocele or old second degree perineal tear or can do preneorrhaphy.