Dr. Moon Jain M.B.B.S (M.S)

Obstetrics & Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist & Gynaec Endoscopic Surgeon

Fellowship in infertility and Fellowship in Gynaeoic Laproscopic Sugery

Membership Of Professional Organisations

Life member of ISAR.

Life member of FOGSI.

Life member of Indore Obstetric and Gynecological Society.

Registered member of Medical Council of India.

Registered member of M.P State Medical Council.

Medical Expertise and Treatments

We know that facing infertility or subfertility can be one of the most stressful situations a couple may encounter, be it emotionally, physically and sometimes financially. we believe in working hand-in-hand with you to make every phase of the process – from diagnosis to treatment – as predictable, comfortable and personal as possible. Most problems are easily corrected with medication or surgical procedures.

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Diagnostic Laproscopy

Diagnostic laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that doctors use to view a woman's reproductive organs. A laparoscope, a thin viewing tube similar to a telescope, is passed through a small incision (cut) in the abdomen.

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Laproscopic Hysterectomy

Removal of the uterus or womb. This can be done by the conventional method which is open method, vaginally and through the laparoscopy. Several factors are considered before opting for the most suitable...

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Follicular Monitoring

Follicular Monitoring is the process of serial ultrasonic monitoring of the ovarian follicles used to identify maturation status of eggs. It is useful for assessing the size of the follicle that supports the growing egg and for determining the thickness of..

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Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction is a simple process which encourages your ovaries to release eggs, so you maximise your chance of conception through intercourse or artificial insemination (IUI). It suits women who are prod- ucing low levels of hormones for ovulation, or who are not ovulating at all.

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The NDVH (Non Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy) suggest that hysterectomy means removal of uterus from the human body. Non-decent hysterectomy is performed through the vagina and it is preferred over every other kind of uterus removal operation...

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Operative Laproscopy

A fiber optic telescope, called a laparoscope, is inserted into the female's abdomen below the navel to look for endometriosis, scarring, adhesions, and other pelvic disease. At times, the procedure is performed to look for the cause of pelvic pain or infertility and is called a "diagnostic" laparoscopy ...

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Diagnostic & Operative Hysteroscopy

A diagnostic sheath is required to deliver the distention media into the uterine cavity. The telescope fits into the sheath and is secured by means of a watertight seal that locks into place...

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Complete Infertility Work-up

Today's basic infertility work-up has been streamlined and only includes a few tests. Over the years, many tests have slowed the diagnostic process and have proven to be of little benefit for most couples. Eliminating these tests allows for a more rapid work-up...

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Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a form of assisted conception. During IUI, your doctor will place washed, prepared sperm into your uterus (womb) and near to your egg at your time of ovulation. This procedure is often combined with fertility drugs to increase your chances of conceiving...